Step 2: Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue for Sense Making

Approach & Implementation

This dialogue will evolve in two phases. The first phase (Task 2.2) comprises three face to face workshops where experts with diverse background and perspectives review specific trend clusters using a tailored combination of creativity methods and rigorous structured multi-criteria assessment. The outcome of these Workshops will be a rolling list of potential FET Hotspots.
This list will then be submitted to an in depth assessment (WP3) through a broad online dialogue

The list of emerging topics will be synthesised and clustered within a creative sense making session involving the project’s Advisory Board as well as selected FET Advisory Board members (Task 2.1). The outcome of this workshop will be clusters of emerging topics which form the starting point of the multi-actor dialogue.



Dr. Philine Warnke

Competence Center Foresight 
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI 
Breslauer Strasse 48 
76139 Karlsruhe