Step 1 Horizon Scanning

Approach & Implementation

The horizon scanning activity (WP1) is based on three pillars: 

  • Task 1.1 Publication analysis (Computer aided analysis of scientific publications)
  • Task 1.2 FET Portfolio analysis (Systematic analysis of portfolio and community of the FET activities as well as other funding agencies with similar profile)
  • Task 1.3 Web-mining (Computer aided analysis of future oriented tweets and blogs)
  • Task 1.4 Scouting (Systematic screening of fringe sources such as non-mainstream media outlets and science fiction literature, interviews) 

Task1.1. and 1.2 will reveal mainly new interdisciplinary S&T topics and actor constellations whereas 1.3. and 1.4 will yield new technologies but also “soft aspects” such as new R&I practices and emerging social needs. The outcome of the horizon scanning will be a rolling list of emerging topics in a wide range of domains which will be fed into the sense making phase (WP2).



Dr. Philine Warnke

Competence Center Foresight 
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI 
Breslauer Strasse 48 
76139 Karlsruhe